A professional company with integrity and knowledge; specializing in the surface preparation and application of coatings.
With a large modern workshop near Rastanura, we are fully equipped to handle all of your abrasive blasting and spray painting needs
We use the finest quality raw materials to ensure that you get the finish and the durability in the field that you expect. Only top quality materials are used. Paint is supplied by market leaders.
Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Coating
Application of protective coatings is in accordance with International Standards and the inspection of finished products is carried out as per the guidelines.

As surface preparation and protective coatings application are carried out, we ensure to reduce the time between blasting and coating application as per industry norms. This is well within the recommendation in most paint specification, thus preserving the integrity of the blast.

NASSACO's ABRASIVE BLASTING & PROTECTIVE COATINGS are meant for long-term corrosion protection.
Abrasive Blasting

Using a variety of abrasive blast mediums including steel grit, glass bead, copper slag and garnet, we are able to handle a range of size and shaped industrial steel structures and so we can meet your abrasive blasting needs quickly and efficiently. We can also offer a range of mobile blast units which allow us to carry out field operations anywhere.

Protective Coatings

Using top quality materials we ensure reliability and durability to all protective coating finishes that meet international standards.

Our Supervisors, Blasters and Painters are highly qualified, providing peace of mind to our clients that quality is “built in” throughout project planning and execution.

We have provided blasting and coating services to many different sectors including:

    Oil & Gas
    Manufacturing plants
We have extensive experience in:

    Abrasive Blast cleaning
    Specialised protective coating application
    Lead paint removal

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