Sustainable Business Model

The future success of any company today, including Nassaco, depends, amongst other things, on long-term sustainability work and responsible processes.

We are really proud of what Nassaco has achieved and the positive impact we are making. We are leading the way today within several sustainability areas and we want us to continue to raise the bar. We are so happy to see that sustainability is on the minds of so many at Nassaco - every day and in all departments and divisions.

Sustainability at Nassaco means meeting the requirements of our clients while steering business in a socially, economically, and ecologically accountable way to the advantage of future generations. Our practices build vital value for Nassaco and all of our clients and their clients, employees, investors, suppliers, contractors, and the societies in which we operate.

Clients count on Nassaco to support address sustainability tasks and concerns, together with the necessity to construct added environmentally responsive, less pricy facilities.

Our clients anticipate moral behaviour; high levels of employee awareness and skills; distinction in health, safey, and environmental matters; a hands-on-attitude to public participation; and an aggressive supply chain and procurement policy.


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