Over the past 40 years, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a lifetime’s growth and development - on a scale hardly seen in any country in the world. Saudi Arabia is blessed with ample natural resources. The country’s far-sighted government, by preserving stability and security in the Kingdom, has permitted for the correct use of its abilities and prospects. By forming the infrastructures and systems crucial, the Kingdom has reached the exceptionally exciting development objectives.

Nassaco Group founded in 1996 with the primary establishment of Nassir S. Al Hyder & Partner Co. for Trading and Contracting (Nassaco). The advance and steadiness of the Saudi market different segments demanded that the Group responds to the massive and flourishing market opportunities. The Group now serves Oil and Gas, Water and Petrochemical segments. Right from the start servicing clients with quality services which has been the sustained policy of the Group.

Nassaco Group now cover various services in its portfolio as outlined in our website. As part of the Group’s societal obligation, improvement of human capitals through training and sensible hiring strategies continuously had a noticeable contemplation in the Group and remain to be so. Besides, the Group carry on to multiply its society oriented obligations, it modestly contributes in events and offerings that assist the community with moral grounds, not overlooking concerns of the surroundings.

Thank you very much.

Nassir S. Al Hyder
Managing Director


Industrial Scaffolding & Access Management -Industrial Insulation Services - Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Coating Services - Certified Manpower Hire Services - Certified Earthmoving Equipment Hire Services - Pipes & Pipe fittings Supplies - Electrical Systems Installations, Fiber Optic Network Installations (SEC Approved) - Safety Materials - Information Technology (IT) Supplies & Support Services
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