Nassaco is an approved SAUDI TELECOM COMPANY (STC) active contractor which has the capability to approach all projects in an experienced and confident manner, delivering a high quality Telecom Network Services (Fiber Optic) to the clients.

Nassaco is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and is firmly implementing quality management systems and continually improve and maintain its standards of excellence.
Fiber Optic Network
Fiber Optics Are Weather Safe - Because it’s not electricity being sent through the wiring, changes in weather cannot affect the signals or information being transmitted. Rain, cold, lightning, all of these can affect traditional electrical signals but not fiber optics.

Fiber Optics are Binary - Digital data is binary. Knowing this, and knowing that fiber optic cables are binary means it is the perfect way to transmit digital data. There is no interference of multiple cables next to each other, no residual charges.

Fiber Optics Are Thin & Lightweight - Because fiber optics can be compressed and drawn thinner than any copper and metal wirings, they can be made smaller, thinner and lighter than any existing non-fiber optic cabling. This makes it easier to carry, install, transport and use. How light? NASA uses it in its space shuttles.

Fiber Optics Are Secure - Tapping into and hacking into fiber optics is much more complex and much more expensive than the tools and expertise required to tap into copper and electrical wiring. This makes fiber optic cabling far more secure than normal wiring.

Fiber Optics are Efficient - When information is transmitted across copper wiring, the signal can degrade. Light passing long distances does not degrade nearly as quickly as electrical signals meaning fewer stations needed to maintain the quality of the information. Less stations mean more efficient transmissions.

With several projects done, several more in the design phase, and massive interest in future projects, we are your solution from the initial stages of a project through the implementation and installation stages, and everything in-between...

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